Sunday, December 25, 2011

Proyekto 2011: 2,830 & 2,717

Congruent with Fattire Extravaganza

Mt. Tabayoc-Timbak - 2011 Year-End Epic Bike/Hike

Monday, September 12, 2011

Proyekto 2011: 2021 & 2221

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Proyekto 2011: 2,070

Day 1 / May 25, 2011 / Wednesday:
- Nhan & Jaymz: Zest Air flight from Manila to Kalibo, Aklan
- Riggz: Philippine Airlines flight from Cebu City to Iloilo City, Iloilo.
- Nhan & Jaymz: Tricycle ride from Kalibo International Airport to Ceres Bus Terminal in Kalibo Proper; rode the Ceres Bus plying the route of Kalibo to San Jose de Buenavista, Antique
- Riggz: Van from Iloilo City to Culasi.

- Reached Culasi, Antique and prepared paperworks (letter of intent) for Mayor's Permit and Police Clearance/Safe Conduct Pass.

- Tricycle ride to Barangay Camancijan.

- Habal-Habal ride to Barangay Alojipan to meet our guides- Dimas and Adonis Maquiling.

- Overnight stay at the Barangay Center Hall.

Day 2 / May 26, 2011 / Thursday:
- Woke-up 0100hrs and prepared for the trek to Hanggud Tubi.

- Started the trek at 0200hrs.

- Reached breakfast point before 0600hrs.

- Continued the trek to Hanggud Tubi.

- Decided to revise the itinerary to camp at Hanggud Tubi rather than the Boundary Camp (boundary of Aklan and Antique) because of the deteriorating weather (Typhoon Songda/Chedeng).

- Reached Hanggud Tubi Camp by 0930hrs.

- By midday, the weather turned from bad to worst. Hunkered-down at camp throughout the day.

- By 1900hrs, decided to abort the climb due to foul weather.

- Soaked overnight stay at camp.

Day 3 / May 27, 2011 / Friday:
- 0000hrs: soaked to the bone (in my case)

- 0530hrs: wake-up call by Riggz
- 0600hrs: prepared and ate breakfast; cooked rice for lunch
- 0700hrs: break camp
- 0830hrs: descent

- 1100hrs: reached breakfast point of Day2/May26; early lunch; received SMS from Culasi Municipal Information Officer John-John Sumanting, regarding update of our climb from the concerned Culasi Mayor, Hon. Joel A. Lomugdang; saw remnants of flooding by the swollen river coming from the slopes of Mount Madja-as; we counted 10 waterfalls off its west face.

- Continued the descent.

- 1400hrs: reached/crossed Bacong River
- 1515hrs: reached Barangay Alojipan center

- Cleaned-up, aired & sun-dried equipment, cooked meal, bathed, and Gold Eagle Beer/Daing na Pusit/Pork Tapa session.

- 2330hrs: light-out.

Day 4 / May 28, 2011 / Saturday:
- 0600hrs: wake-up call / breakfast / pack-up

- 0900hrs: left Barangay Alojipan on Habal-Habal to Culasi Municipal Hall

- 1030hrs: logged-out at Culasi Police Headquarters.

- Batchoy-time! checked-out the seaside of Culasi to see if we could go to Malalison Island.
- Seeing the rough sea, it would be dangerous to go to Malalison Island, so we decided to go our separate ways to Kalibo and Iloilo.

- Nhan & Jaymz: bus to Kalibo (alighted at Nabas); to Caticlan for a sidetrip to Boracay (Malay).

- Riggz: went straight to Iloilo city.

Boracay Sidetrip (Nhan & Jaymz):
- Hailed a van to Tabon port, Caticlan.
- Pump boat at Tabon port to Boracay Island.

- Rode tricycle to Station 2/3 area.
- Checked-in at Villa de Oro Resort (fronting White Beach); continued to dry soaked equipment.

- Walked the length of White Beach to check-out the 'scene.'

- Boracay immersion.

- Buffet dinner at Station 2.
- Guilly's Island Resto-Bar post-climb meeting.

- Booze-induced lights-out.

Day 5 / May 29, 2011 / Sunday:

- 0600hrs: Woke-up and hunted for breakfast place. Longganisang Lucban breakfast.
- 0830hrs: Walk to Bulabog Beach.

- 0930hrs: Tricycle ride to Pukka Beach.

- 1000hrs: Back at Villa de Oro Resort to pack-up and check-out. last minute buying of 'pasalubongs/pampadulas.'

- 1330hrs: Left Boracay for Caticlan and Kalibo (to Kalibo International Airport).

- 1530hrs: Deadtime.

- 1700hrs: Check-in.
- 1905hrs: Zest Air flight departure to Manila; no plane in sight.
- 1930hrs: Arrival of Zest Air flight to Manila; Boarding.
- 1950hrs: Left Kalibo, Aklan.
- 2040hrs: Arrive at Manila Domestic Airport.

Logistical Requirements:
(look for the Municipal Information Officer/Tourism Officer - Mr. John-John U. Sumanting)
1. Letter of Intent (including: climbing member's information with mobile contact number and guide/s information)
2. Mayor's Permit (fee/head/day)
3. PNP Clearance (fee/head)

After completing the above requirements, the MI/T Officer will provide copies and receipts of the above plus a Safe Conduct Pass Notice (to be given to the PA/PNP Detachment halfway between Brgys. Camancijan and Alojipan).

Coordinate with Adonis Maquiling for guiding requirements and scheduling (both for Alojipan or Flores routes).

Contact Information:
* Mr. John-John U. Sumanting - (036)-277-8077 / 0916-324-5068 /
* Mr. Adonis Maquiling - 0929-793-4067

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